Monday, February 27, 2012

A short break between classes

Well classes are going well, I hope you haven't been too bored with the reposts from my archives while I have been concentrating on school. My second accounting class was a bit better than the first one, I was able to squeak by with an -A which is much better than the +C I received for the first accounting class, the best thing I learned from both of these classes is that accounting is not a career choice I would ever make. My next class is Business Research, this should be much more my style of class.

I am also looking into changing schools, while I really like the education I am receiving at the University of Phoenix, I am finding the tuition to be a bit out of my budget, my federal loan does not cover it all. The Western Governor's University is offering an online program for about a third the price.

I have been working weekends at the Kestrel Vintners tasting room in Woodinville and refer to this as my therapy job, we recently had a Groupon that was extremely successful. It did keep us a bit busier than our location could handle but overall brought in many people who did not know there were wineries on the north end of Woodinville.

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