Sunday, January 9, 2011

Don’t Bother,

                I had seen quite a bit of hype about one of the newest Asian restaurants in Marysville, Asian 1. Tonight the Twidow and I decided to give it a try, not our brightest idea it seems. The young man that greeted us was very pleasant, but sat us in the bar area when the place was almost empty. Menus were provided that were jam packed with lots of small Asian style print with very poor lighting. As we tried to grab the best light and squint at the menu, our server showed up and seemed in a bit of a rush. We were torn between two Thai style soups and were told the only difference between the two was coconut milk. We chose the one with the coconut milk. This bought us a little more time to try to read the menu. The Twidow chose the Yellow Curry Chicken and I went with the Spicy Basil Chicken. The soup was the highlight of the evening; the entrees were so sweet they could almost have been deserts. The Curry was the better of the two, but only slightly. The Spicy Basil Chicken was so sweet it overshadowed all other flavors and the chicken was like breaded and fried chicken nuggets not at all impressive. The brown rice had an off taste and the white rice was tasteless. Our server passed by once asking how things tasted as I had a mouth full and did not even pause so I could answer. When she picked up my almost full plate, she did not even ask if there was something wrong. This is one place I will not be back to.

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