Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 resolution

For 2011 I resolve to read more of my friends’ blogs, newsletters, and websites.  Previously I mostly waited till some link showed up in twitter and I just happen to see it before is passes by.  But I have some great friends who are very talented writers and deserve more than just my occasional notice.  I invite you to add these folks to your favorites and follow them on Twitter and/or Friend them on Facebook.

One such friend is @TheGonzoMama or Christina-Marie Wright She is a mother, a vegan, a wine lover, a writer, a blogger and a friend. I first met Christina-Marie at the tasting room of Edmonds Winery in Woodinville and knew her as an attractive mother of seven children.  I later got to know her better through Twitter, Facebook and her tremendously humorous book "Everything Everything I Need to Know About Motherhood I Learned from Animal House." As I have a vegetarian son I look forward to her veggie recipes and her humorous take on parenthood.

Margot Savell is another of my friends I have made through Twitter, @WriteForWine is her Twitter moniker.  Margot is a very talented writer originally from Canada and now thankfully a Puget Sound resident.  Margot is very active in the local wine community and great person to know.

One of my earliest Twitter friends is Shona Milne, @Shona425 a Woodinville local and great supporter of the local wine community. Her website Woodinville Wine Update is widely read and good reading.  Shona is always a welcome face to see at many local wine events and always has the scoop on what’s happening.

A relatively new friend is Sean Sullivan the author of the Washington Wine Report and @WaWineReport on Twitter.  His blog is a very extensive review of both eastern and western Washington wines. 

Then I have some not as local friends who have some very interesting blogs, Josh Wade, AKA @NectarWine has a blog and tasting room in Spokane Washington. And one of my favorite unconventional writers Randy Watson or as many know him; The Wine Whore from my home state of Florida he takes the snobbery out of wine tasting and keeps me laughing.

Well this incomplete list is just a beginning of  my list of frineds and I hope you check back so I can share more with you.  If you have a blog let me know so I can check it out.


  1. Thank you for the very kind words. A great way to start off 2011. I'll be stopping by Edmonds Winery soon. I hear you will be serving soup on Saturday's in January.

  2. Yes I just heard about the soup too, as cold as it has been lately sounds like a grand idea.