Friday, December 31, 2010

Twitter Addiction?

Addicted to Twitter? How could that be? it started out as just a fun little thing to stay in touch with friends, then I made new friends, and attended Tweet ups.  Tweeting on lunch breaks at work, before and after work, missing sleep to catch up on reading and retweeting. Then I got a smart phone, now twitter is with me all the time, and I mean all the time, even those places that were for traditionally just for printed materials. I catch myself missing the feed when I am trying to do other daily chores. Is there a room at the Betty Ford Clinic for Tweeps?  And what idiot decided 140 charactors was enough to convey all your thoughts?  Thank goodness for blogging at least it is not a limiting and therefore not as addictive, I hope.  Of course I am checking my TweetDeck as I write this so taht I don't miss anything.

I am constantly refering to my wife as the Twidow (The significant other of a tweeter who doesn't tweet and doesn't understand why you do).  She truly has no concept of just how addicted I am, though the windows phone commercials are clueing her in "Really!"  I have yet to drop my phone in the urinal but most of the other scenes could have come from my life.  Thankgoodness they didn;t have Twitter or smart phones 28 years ago when we got married or I may have been left at the alter as I tweeted out one last quick one.

I currently have three accounts two for myself and one for a winery I support.  So I spend lots of time in different personalities. Sometimes they merge and sometimes they get confused.  I guess that just makes it a bit more interesting and far from boring. Twitter fits well with my ADD as it is hard for me to stay focused on one subject for too long, but I have found that by limiting my groups I follow to a specific subject does help a little.

Well time to start the #FollowFridays, #FF and check my follower counts, so I will see you out in the Twitterverse.  Follow me @Wine_Traveler

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