Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Becoming a Phoenix

               I am always looking for way to improve myself and one of those includes my writing skills. If you have been a long time follower of my writing (mostly my family, cause the didn’t have much of a choice J) then you know I am not the most fluent writer. I tend to just write as I speak some fragments and some run on sentences. Well you will be happy to know I have enrolled in school to change that. I am now attending the University of Phoenix Online (UOPX). My Wife was very successful in getting her Master’s Degree in Nursing through the UOPX and is now working on her PhD in healthcare administration.
                I really enjoy doing social media for some of the local wineries so I decided to go back to school for a business degree with an emphasis on marketing. The online school is mostly writing assignments so my online presence may be less as I work to fulfill my school obligations for a bit.  I plan to post some of my old writings that I shared via email with my family when I was traveling the country installing medical software. Hopefully there will be a noticeable improvement in my writing skills as I progress with my education.
                I am going to continue to Tweet and talk about the local wine industry and hopefully use it as much as possible in my school assignments. So like the mythical bird my old writings are going to rise from the ashes I hope you enjoy them .

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