Thursday, July 7, 2011

a new "old" way of doing wine.

There is a new "playa in da 'hood." Piccola Wine, I will let their press release speak for them, but I do know they are using premium wines in this new/old format. You can find them in the same spot as Edmonds Winery. Are you ready to rediscover the way wine used to be made available to the public?


First Washington State winery to specialize solely in wine on tap.
WOODINVILLE, WA – Hosting a dinner party next week? Taking a road trip in your new RV? Wish you could just chill and serve a keg of fresh, delicious wine? Now you can. La Botte Piccola Wine Company, specializing in Wine-on-Tap, has opened a new winery, Piccola Cellars. Based in Woodinville, Piccola Cellars will focus exclusively on offering wine in keg in new consumer-friendly mini-kegs. Piccola, who has been working with several restaurants and bars in the Seattle area, is branching out so that they can work directly with the public. Their new mini-kegs have a sophisticated built-in gas module and tap system and come in both 5 and 11 liter sizes. The keg keeps wine fresh for up to 3 months and is completely re-usable - simply bring it back to the winery for a re-fill.
Sound a bit too modern for your taste? Actually, Piccola Cellar’s theory is that serving Wine-on-Tap is a return to our roots – for years serving wine direct from the barrel was the traditional means of providing local wine to the community. With the benefit of new technology, they preserve that tradition while still delivering a high quality, local product. Piccola Celler’s founder and co-owner, Diana Kaspic said “Many people think that serving wine from a keg is new idea. It’s actually a really old idea. We’ve just put a new twist on it.”
Serving wine on tap is both economically and environmentally beneficial. The kegs are extremely efficient to fill and transport and topping them with Argon or similar gas keeps the wine as fresh as the day it was packaged. Along with preserving the wine, the keg packaging
reduces much of the waste involved with packaging and serving wine in glass bottles. The kegs weigh less, they are completely re-usable and they take up less space. And, because of the larger size and minimal waste of product, you can consume more and save money at the same time. Now that’s an idea that we all can embrace.

La Botte Piccola Wine Company specializes in Washington wine packaged in large format kegs poured using a traditional tap system. Serving the restaurant, catering and consumer market, their reusable keg containers give customers a unique economic and environmental advantage. Piccola Cellars is based in Woodinville’s wine warehouse district and their tasting room is open Fridays 3-5, Saturdays 12-6 and Sundays 12-5. Clients include Black Bottle, Locol Barley and Vine, Bear Mountain Ranch in Chelan, Willows Run Golf Course and more. To learn more about Piccola Cellars, please call 206-271-2692 or visit their web site at Come get “Tapped In.”

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