Friday, September 9, 2011

Break from School work

It has been fun posting these old stories of my pre- 9/11 travels, when airlines actually delivered service and cared what the customer's thought. Looking back it is sad that the consolidation of Airlines has lead to the total lack of customer service we experience today. There were reasons they made anti-Trust laws to prevent just such a degradation of service due to lack of competition. It is also interesting that the highlight of most of my airflight was the meal which is a rare perk even in first class anymore.  I hope you are enjoying these blasts from the past as much as I am.

School is going great, the University of Phoenix is an awesome online experience but it does keep me busy. I am on my third class now and have a 4.0 GPA, I hope I can keep it up. It is interesting being in school with people younger than my children and reading their posts and lack of experience. But it is also good to note that I always find something new to learn from them.

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