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Wine Traveler’s Travels Vol. 16 (From the archives)

26 Feb 01

Well it’s back to Arkansas for the go live at the new hospital that was delayed a week because they couldn’t pave their parking lot.  I’m Traveling on Monday and will go in Tuesday to check out the system before they open on Wednesday.  I’m Flying TWA and enjoying probably one of my last rides in the front of a 757.  Unless of course American Airlines honors the TWA way of doing things.  The breakfast this morning is a vegetable quiche with Canadian bacon and fresh fruit.  The movie is “Pay It Forward” if you only rent one video this year this should be it.  I recommend this movie to everyone especially teenagers.  This movie takes the Golden Rule and multiplies it exponentially.  Staring Helen Hunt, Kevin Spacey and the kid from sixth sense; Kevin Spacey is a 7th grade social studies teacher and Helen is a single mother that works two jobs in Las Vegas to support her and her 7th grade son.  One of the extra credit assignments in the 7th grade social studies class is to come up with a project that will change the world.  The goal is not to come up with an actual world changing idea but to get the kids to think about it.  I didn’t see much about this movie when it was in the theaters.  I expect to see about this one, though, in the next Oscars. 

My connecting flight from St. Louis was on a regional jet it was a quick 45-minute flight.  Hertz did not have my reservation ready and had no Mustangs left so I was given a Mitsubishi Galant.  It was nice and drove very well. 

I arrived in Fayetteville about 4:00 PM my room at the Holiday Inn Express was a two-room suite with two King size beds a microwave and refrigerator all this for the Hospital contracted rate of $47.  The clerk at the hotel recommended a Thai restaurant in downtown Fayetteville, called a Taste of Thai.  I had Pa Nang Curried Chicken and Thai Iced Tea.  Thai Iced tea is tea with sweetened condensed milk.  The Curry was very spicy just like I love it.  I was stuffed then the owner stopped by my table and asked if I wanted any desert.  I replied I had no room left.  He said, “not even for home made coconut ice cream?”  Well that did it, it was the best thing I ever tasted it was not very sweet, and tasted of fresh coconut and cream. 

The next morning I arrived at the hospital and started checking out the system about 11 am they informed me that the hospital was not going to open this week because the State and rescheduled their inspection.  Well I continued working with the service rep to get the system in top shape then rescheduled my flight to leave the next day.  That night the sales Rep and my self went to a brewery restaurant in downtown and they had the street blocked off for Fat Tuesday what a crowd of college kids trying to experience Mardi Gras away from the original.  I had the pecan encrusted pork tenderloin with steamed vegetables and baked potato.  The veggies were a bit over done but the pork was delicious.  After a great dinner we walked around and did not see anyone earning beads the way they do in New Orleans, or Nawlins as the locals call it. 

Wednesday Morning I had a 7 am flight back home.  The flight from Fayetteville to St. Louis was on an ATR 72, a large prop plane.  This one was quite old but the flight was just over an hour and uneventful till I was deplaning.  It seems the stairs, which are built into the door, got iced up and the grip tape was all worn off.  So I slide on my bottom down the stairs.  My right ankle hurt a little but after walking around it was ok.  I reported it as instructed so that someone will replace the grip tape on the stairs.  The connection I made was on a 757 in the front again.  The lunch was a choice of a chicken croissant sandwich or a shrimp salad; I chose the salad.  The shrimp tasted fresh and the roll was warm, the desert was a passion fruit sorbet, a very satisfying lunch.  The crew was in great spirits as they just had a welcoming party from American Airlines.  I asked them if they had to take classes on not smiling.  I explained that the AA attendants always seem to have an attitude.  They were surprised and told me that the flight attendants at AA make much more than they do at TWA and they couldn’t imagine why they would have an attitude.  They were very pleased that AA was rescuing the airline, and very positive about the change.  I just hope the people stay as pleasant as they are now.    

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