Monday, February 7, 2011

Children grow up so fast

It seems like just yesterday I was in the OB's office with the Twidow and saw him moving on the ultrasound. Then holding her hand as she labored to no avail and we went into the OR to bring him screaming into the world.  Christmas after Christmas I watched the joy on his face as we surprised him again and again with something special.  First day of school, then high school, then he was out on his own. 
Over 25 years later and I'm sitting at his bedside in a hospital as he recovers from Gall Bladder surgery. He made it through just fine, but at over 6 foot tall and well filled out he is still my little buddy. His mother is out of state at a family wedding and feels left out, but then when they were little I always had to take the kids for their shots because she hated to see them hurting so I guess it is just as well. 
He is at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, the most award winning hospital in the state of Washington, on the same surgical floor I spent time on last year when I had Appendicitis so I know the nurses and know he is in good hands. This really makes it feel better for me since my better half is so far away. His nurses really doted on him since they all knew me and others came by to visit so he felt very special, which of course he is to me. We even got to see a new nurse that was a student when I was in here.
I think the hardest part for him was the not eating all day then only clear liquids for the night.  But like me the chicken broth was his friend.  I stayed rather late as no one made me leave his roommate was pleasant and didn’t seem to mind my sticking around as I want to help him the first time he walks to the bathroom, I just can’t see one of the girls helping this big guy.


  1. Hey Thom, I feel your love for your son and you are right where you should be. Hope all goes well and I'm sure the Twidow knows things are in good hands, love Providence !! Cheers, Max

  2. He did just fine, thanks for your thoughts